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Graceful and powerful since early cave paintings
Humankind has always be wondered the grace, speed and power of horses. Prehistoric cave paintings show the live characteristics of these powerful animals. With the logo of our horse farm we wish to incorporate that thought. We want to honour traditions of horses, humans and animals and tie them together. As a brand name for the Curly Horse race we have chosen of course our unique stallion Teoc's Painted Levi.

Throughout history horses have played a vital role for humankind whether for riding, working or pulling. In Horse lovers see horses as friends and companions together holding a strong bond. In sporting events horses and humans come together to form an unbreakable team.

Horses; just as dolphins; are used for therapeutic purposes and this is where the Curlys stand out. Curly Horses hold a powerful bond to humans through their strong will and compassion.

Curlie Horses
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