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Curly Horse - a new beginning for people with horse allergies and horse lovers
The prime common ground of Curly Horses is the unique hypoallergenic feature that comes from their hair structure and their skin. Their skin is rich in talc therefore they smell different and dry a lot faster than “normal” horses. Curly Horses get curls in the winter (not smooth coat Curlys) and in the summer straight to lightly wavy hair. Curly Horse come in various breeds which can be seen by the various sizes they come in ranging from 1,30-1,70m. Because of their various builds people of many sizes can easily use them for riding. Often-similar appearances of Curly Horses are the spiral curls in their ears, their curled eyelashes and their Rasta mane. By nature they are calm, energetic, quick learners and are very clever.

Curlie Horses
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