Bachelorwork about Curly Horses

Internship at Gestüt Wolf

It has been already four months ago since I finished my internship at Gestüt Wolf and I still miss it (the people, horses, everything..). For almost 5 moths I have been there and had a great time!

It all started in the end of August, after a few e-mails and one phone call Petra told me I could stay there in a lodge, which they called “Scheune”, with the other girls (Jenni, Miriam and Hanna) and do my internship at Gestüt Wolf. I was so happy! Only one week later I could already start my internship. My first days in Germany started with the Honza Bláha course (best start of an internship ever :-). Thanks again Petra and Tom!). I have learned a lot in this weekend about Line Free Collection. After that impressive weekend my internship started for real.

In the morning I should do some work in the stables and work with the horses and in the afternoon do the work for my bachelor. The main goal of my bachelor work was to learn about the origin of the Curly Horses, why they are so special (hypoallergenic) and about a horse business and I did some research about the allergy. I’m not going to talk about this now, because I want to share my experience of the Gestüt.

After the “Honza weekend” Miriam, Hanna and I got three horses to take care of. One was for riding, one for groundwork and one foal. For riding (and groundwork) I got Jumpy, for groundwork the young handsome stallion Cosimo and the prettiest foal Hamlet (nowadays he’s called Parceval). After a while I rode Stern as well because her belly was (only a little) too round. Jumpy is a perfect trained and nice horse from which you can learn a lot. Cosimo is an impressive, dominant stallion. I learned a lot from him and in January I sat on him for the first time! Hamlet was my favourite from the day I met him. He’s so nice but a little bit clumsy (sorry Annabelle, for criticizing your horse). I love his character and his remarkable exterior. In October the foals would be judged at the foal show, so we prepared the foals. I was happy that I had the honour to walk with Hamlet in the parade. For me he was the best, but the jury gave him a second place!

In December we celebrated Christmas with all the people of the Gestüt. Three groups had to solve a crossword puzzle and run a trail. After the Christmas dinner everyone had presents for everyone. Despite of the rain and cold, it was a really nice day.

For Christmas Petra and Tom gave us a great present: a ticket for Pferd & Jagd, a huge event in Hanover, with tickets for the night show and stay in a hotel. I enjoyed the event and loved the beautiful show. A great weekend as well.

The first day of February was already the end of my internship so my parents came over to take me back to Holland. But it didn’t last long before I came back. I came back in April to participate the Honza course with Stern :-). Actually I should join the course for two days, but because someone had to quit the course after two days, I could do all four days! I was so lucky and I learned so much during this course!

I want to thank Petra and Tom for the nice stay and everything I have learned. Like I said I had a really nice time in Germany. Jenni, I really liked to work with you. You are a good teacher! You should come to Holland in summer (to meet Hagrid). And for al the other people I met in Germany; thanks everybody for the nice time! I’m looking forward to seeing you again. If I can manage it, I would like to come back in summer to help at the summer camp and I’ll be back for the next Honza course in November.

For all of us it was a very

quality time with you. Dear Kim, the girls enjoyed your cooking and your sense of order (clean up), Stern and Jumpy your horsemanship, Cosimo your patience and love, Hamlet your strokes and we your sunny and open mind nature. For your bachelor work, we wish you good luck and hope to see you soon.

Enjoy the Curlys
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