Heartbreaker Canada sold!

A one more allergic person happy thanks a Curly Horse

Five years ago I moved from the city to the countryside. On my quest to new and exciting activities in my new environment, I soon discovered the surrounding riding schools. I was thrilled en full of anticipation even by the thought of learning how to ride a horse. I remembered, that as a child, I had a lot of fun when my grandparents allowed me another riding lesson in the holidays.

Therefore, I made a appointment for a riding lesson at a nearby horse farm. I wanted to be prepared, so I made sure I procured my rider-outfit before my first lesson. Shortly after that, the big day was there and I was allowed to ride. Already in this first lesson I noticed something wasn’t right. I got the typical signs I also got with my hay allergy. But I wasn’t referring these symptoms on the horse, but on the hay, which was piled up in the barn. I went home pleased and I was already looking forward for my next riding lesson.

This time, however, it was strange because I still had strong breathing difficulties and severe itching on my hands and neck. Now I knew this had nothing to do with my hay allergy, because this day the horse was waiting outside for my and there was no hay or anything else that could have caused my hay allergy. I was a bit disappointed and confused, because as I was a child, I didn’t have any of these signs by the touch of horses. But I didn’t want this to stop me from pursuing my goal. I went riding 3 more times but then I had to realize this couldn’t go on. The allergic reactions were worse and even held for several hours after riding the horses. Eventually, I could no longer concentrate on riding because I was just busy trying to sneeze, wipe my nose and taking care that I’d touch the horse as little as possible. I didn’t like that at all and I was just very disappointed.

On walks I took advantage of numerous opportunities to get in contact with horses, in order to test if the allergy had improved, but unfortunately that was not the case. Eventually, I sold my rider-outfit again, because it just made me sad when I saw them lying in the closet.

Then, when I was again looking for treatment possibilities for horse allergies, I discovered the Curlys. I just thought: madness!! Of course, this must be the solution and I immediately sought for horse farms in the area, offering riding lessons on Curlys. I found one 1,5 hours away... That was a little disappointing, because if I wanted to do this sport regularly, than I couldn’t always drive for three hours and than I also have a little daughter, who at that time was just 6 months old. But no matter what, I still wanted to try at least once. So a short time later, I went to this Curly horse farm and I was thrilled. I didn’t show any allergic reaction and could fully concentrate on riding. But, next to all the joy, it was clear that, due to the high travel time, riding wasn’t going to be a regular hobby.

In my ongoing search for a closer located Riding school with Curly Horses, I learned that most riding schools only offer riding lessons on your own horse. But of course I didn’t know anyone who owns a Curly Horse on which I could have ridden. But then grew in me the thought; why not have a Curly Horse for my own and realize my dream.

I thought about it for a long time, then decided but I still wanted to wait with this implementation until my daughter was a bit older and also until my career prospects were clear.

Then, in September this year, it was finally time. All I had to settle for me personally in advance to me to fulfil this dream, I had settled and so I searched for a suitable breeder.

Immediately my attention was drawn to Gestüt Wolf. I just liked everything about this website and I wanted to learn so much more. I got in touch with Petra and agreed to become acquainted. In mid-November it was finally time and my husband and I were on our way to Bickenbach. After a detailed and informative introduction with Petra, she introduced me to five of their wonderful curlies that met all my desired requirements. With (almost ;-)) all I was able to test ride and pretty fast it was clear to me which one was my favourite. It was Canada! What an imposing appearance and, moreover, so nice, curious and great to deal with... just great educated... I was immediately hooked!

When the other girls told me what a nice character Canada has and how he is loved by riding pupils und trainers and how lovely it is to ride him my decision was made. I simply felt that he was and is the right horse for me.

I just knew, after the First meeting with Petra, that I can fully rely on their selection of curlies and they would never offer me a Curly Horse that doesn’t fit me. Fore that, there is way too much heart, soul and passion in the breeding and training of their horses.

I am a complete layman when it comes to breeding and training horses, but to recognize that the animals here lack nothing and they all look happy, you don’t have to be an expert. I felt from the beginning very well looked after. Petra has taken a lot of time for me and as a surprise she also organised a great group ride for me. I thought that was great! I never experienced that before and I had so much fun.

In this way I want to thank you very, very much for the love and care and for the confidence you gave us. I know that me as an absolute beginner, faces a huge challenge in relation to Canada, but I am not afraid, because I know that I am, with Petra, in good and absolutely the right hands. I look forward to be able to participate in the seminar of Honza Blaha, with my Curly Horse Canada, even though I still cannot realize it.

I cannot wait to be able to visit you again soon and get to know Canada better. Until then, I look longingly to my photos of him.

On Gestüt Wolf

it is never easy to separate from a Curly Horse, especially from such a popular figure as Canada. He has conquered countless hearts. Dear Jenny, we are delighted that he gets a fantastic new home with you. Your commitment, your love and euphoria are admirable and contagious. We wish you a harmonious happy future!

Enjoy the Curlys
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