Curly Horse and horse allergy

It’s been so long that I dreamed of having my own horse one day that I no longer believed in the possibility! I did not grow up in an equestrian family, but somehow I managed that my parents allowed me to go to riding lessons. I was so happy and carefree, I rode the horses when I was 13 to 17 years old and I had various experiences with camps and Western riding. At some point I became allergic to horses at once. And so severe that I had no more fun coming near to horses. I already got symptoms as sneezing, asthma and red eyes when I came closer to a horse, even though I tried different things. Slowly, the dream of having my own horse fade away. I was about 18 years old and I went on with my life, but I always remained jealous when I met a friend who had a horse or could ride on!

Then (yes, how time flies!) I became a mother and my girls also began to talk about horses and horse riding. Close to us there is a foundation that takes care of old horses and our middle daughter took over the “sponsorship” of an old mare that lived there! A few times a year we all went together to visit and hug Mira. The only thing was that I had to go with the nose spray trough the stables... so my hopes that everything heals on their own with some time, were gone.

I can’t remember where or from whom I heard about Curly’s the first time. But I had seen pictures of them on the internet and read something about them. This sounded great, but I wasn’t seriously thinking about buying a horse. Where should it live? Did I even have the time and money for a horse?! Despite all the questions, this idea kept a little place in my head. I met a new friend through my son who goes to nursery school. Dominique lives two minutes away from us, and has two horses “in the garden”; her own mare (not a Curly) and another horse that was stabled there. Ah-ha!

We started to talk a lot about horses and discovered many similarities. Just for fun I asked her if someday there would be a place for another horse in their stable. And then, two months later, there was actually a stable available! But then I had to decide: I will try to buy a Curly or I let it be and think of something else! My husband, who is much more persistent as I am, wasn’t sure whether the project was realistic. I have to say that he and I work together (freelancing) and we don’t know Sundays as others... But for him it was clear that if it is important to me, I would go for it.

On the internet I found a mare with whom I fell “visually in love”with, but unfortunately...she was placed in Sweden. Doesn’t matter: We flew there to take a look at her. But I came back sad. The mare was not suitable for us; too inexperienced and wild. But in the meantime I had reserved the place in the barn of Dominique. So in Germany I called and made an appointment with a private seller (a friend of Petra) whose mare was for sale on Gestüt Wolf. When we got there, I was sad again. I could only look at the mare and ask some questions, because I knew that she was not the horse I was looking for. Later Petra asked me what exactly I was looking for. A quiet horse (I do have 3 children), large, already well educated (we are beginners) and kind... Then Petra asked Jenni to bring Mae. A-ha! She was the one I was looking for! I was very impressed by her calm, loving appearance and big-hearted nature. Mae is already 13, I would not necessarily wanted a horse of that age and I also hadn’t dreamed of a Palomino! But still she was the one and only I wanted!

I was very sorry, because I knew that Mae was loved at the stud by students as well by a staff member. But on December 15, Mae had become our horse. This day is the birthday of my father who passed away. I inherited the money from him, of which we were able to buy Mae from. And I know he would have been happy if he knew that he has made it possible for us to buy Mae...

Early January (just after the holidays), Petra still had stress due to import papers and we waited impatiently! Finally, on January 4, the truck with Mae arrived. What a day! We have watched her and her new friend for a long time and drank champagne!!

Since more than 2 months now, we live with Mae. Every day we go to her, sometimes short, sometimes to work with her. The children have a lot of fun with cleaning the stables and taking care of Mae. And I? I think I haven’t learned so intense as now for a long time. I was scared to do everything wrong, but luckily I work with a very nice coach, who is helping us. He also already fell in love with Mae and we are progressing well. When I don’t know what to do, I’ll call Petra again to get new inspiration.

We are Petra and Jenni very grateful for the loving care. And I’m also really happy to be with Mae and to learn so much through her!

Dear Michèle,

we are delighted to read your feedback. It shows us that we are on the right way to give horse allergists the opportunity to enable the dream of owning a horse. Secondly it is equally important to us that the nature of our training, is worthwhile. We wish your whole family including Mae a fantastic future!

... The first time ...

A Line-Free-Course by Honza Blaha on the Curly-stud

of Petra and Tomas Wolf. These were two premieres for me as I have admired the Curly’s only on websites. As a non-allergic I am not dependent on the Curly Horses – but they have interested me for a long time.

My conclusion: The four-day visit was truly worth it.

Honza Blaha’s training method and goal are not only interesting, but also logical and easy to follow for beginners and advanced. Even if every participant has just half an hour fun with his horse in the arena in the morning and in the afternoon: As a viewer, you could learn so much from the other participants, that in the evening everyone was broken-down.

Luckily we were supplied every day with a solid breakfast and a great lunch. The twelve participants brought various interests with them, from ground work to free riding up to the yearling colt-training, everything was represented. Many horses and their trainers have made amazing progress in these four days.

And the Curly’s? Early morning and in the evening (and usually also in the afternoon) I wandered around the huge stud farm to get in contact with the Curly’s. Stallions, mares, foals – and all colours and hair structures are represented. (By the way: the hair of the Curly Horse does not stick to the clothes - so black jeans are even resistant to white or palomino hair!) Probably many horses and their owners are dreaming about this type of environment (including the lake, which has not only invited horses for swimming). A calm and easy-going horse, which is facing to the human is the result.

I’ve met really nice people and horses and I’m sure that this wasn’t my last visit! Thank you, Petra and the team! Gaby

Line Free Collection

On this picture we see step number 6 – Shoulder Control, one of the most important tasks. Once you have the shoulder of a horse under control, you have already developed a large amount of trust. Dear Gaby, we were very pleased to meet you and we are looking forward to seeing you again.

Teachable student

The first grader Aragon didn´t get a present for his participation at the course, but he did his job confident. Under the guidance of his trainer Jenni, who gave him a feeling of safety and security, he mastered all tasks to their highest satisfaction. Even before “the bell” he stood expectantly to learn something new.

Comeback from the Netherlands

After five months of internship at Curly Gestüt Wolf to write her “Master” report about Curly Horses, Kim was not going to miss the seminar by Honza. She refined, the here already started Line Free Riding. It was very nice to see the relaxation and radiance of the horse, how good and how sensitive she is ridden.

Homework done

The all on Gestüt Wolf-known dream team duo has continued the ground work so well that they are ready for the seventh and last step of the ground work, the circle. Now, neither the age nor the skill of the Curly Horse mare Shakira is standing in their way. The preparation was perfect.

Becoming a mother

Heather, the pregnant Curly Horse Pinto, and her happy owner since last year have made a tremendous development as a team. The follow me under pressure in trot was flawless performed. Even Honza’s “elephant perfume” could not separate Heather from Cindy. The three were pretty proud of themselves.

In the far north, Canada

the finely trained Curly, is going in April to his proud new owner. The course with Honza offered the two a very good opportunity to get to know each other better. Jenny’s refreshing and euphoric nature was passed on to all those present and she spread a good mood. We wish you both very good progress, also in the far north.

Every seminar again, you are there,

with Honza at his home in the Czech Republic or on Gestüt Wolf with the rest of the Curly-Mafia. The progress is enormous and make the audience feel like they want to join you. It is always a pleasure to welcome you and your Curly Doit at Gestüt Wolf.

Where the love is falling down...

The two searched each other and found in “Canada”. It is not possible for everyone to paticipate at the course with his own Curly Horse. Scrape through in time the “wedding” take place. The newly-married couple was from the beginning a unit and because of the liberty-work the relationship growed.


Makes it a game for humans and animals to learn. The curiosity is aroused, and we have gained the attention. That’s how we get to the goal a lot closer; performing the tasks with ease and feeling. Even a man can show his feelings.

Follow me

to Switzerland. Victoria and her almost three year old Curly Horse Falada, have left us after the seminar and went to their new home. Thanks to the close relationship between the two and the perfectly tuned “follow me”, was loading, without practicing it before, as simple as ABC. We enjoy your updates and dreamlike pictures.

Working with a young Curly stallion

The one year old Parceval is naturally very eager to learn. Together with its power and its playfulness, this is for the work at liberty an advantage. His professional trainer Annabelle clarifies the ranking fair and fast – under the motto: Safety first.

Done and proud

Four days of active participation – eight active, intensive units and more than twenty hours of listening to the course and the whole night long (supported with red wine :-)) exchange of experience with Honza and the other tireless course participants are over and have been fun. Endorphins without chocolate.

Enjoy the Curlys
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