And why it had to be definitely a Curly

For a few years now I’m visiting Petra and her curlies regularly. Sometimes to participate in a course, sometimes to have coffee or just because I was in the area. From day one I was impressed by the Curlys. However, probably for different reasons than most Curly lovers. I’m not allergic and have therefore “a free choice”. To be honest, there was always only one right reason: Petra’s horses all have, how different they all may be by temperament, a very pleasant and friendly nature. They seem balanced and happy and live in an enviroment that matches my ideals very much. The feel-good factor was always decisive.

Very soon it was clear: Someday I want to have a Curly. But that was more of a daydream, because basically Curly Horses are the wrong horses for me. I’m with 1,86 m quite tall, due to some accidents I have some problems with too much back swing; nevertheless particular demanding capacity of movement. Also, I’m always seeking horses with a very special temperament and talent. For the Circus work, the show riding and working with horses and parrots, you need particularly curious, woken and intrepid horses. All my horses are very different, but they each have something very special. The only thing I really lacked, was a “big horse.”

Petra knew about my likes and dreams and has looked with me for foals every season with a lot of patience. But basically, we both knew that what I was looking for, I would probably never find in Curlys.

Last year I had little time and so I hadn’t seen the foals yet when I was back on the Curly-Gestüt in autumn. There was again a course planned with Honza, so now there were real duty dates!! Because of this, I had an eye for the foals cavorting around.

During the break I complained to Petra about my sorrow that I still hadn’t found the right horse for me and that I now knew exactly what I wanted, which would not make things any easier, however, because it would be more likely to win the lottery than to find the right horse.

Here are the key points:
- Stallion
- Large (I mean really big and not like the ponies and Arabs, who I ride)
- Spectacular colour (a good horse has no colour, but in my profession is a striking appearance is a clear advantage)
- As smart and clever as possible, definitely with a lot of character and temperament.
- Exquisitely beautiful movements (dressage is and will remain to be my passion)
- Comfortably to sit (by my misfortunes, I am limited in my options)
- Very healthy
- Grew up in the herd

Also, I was at that time looking for a horse for my husband and that had priority at the time. And then something happened, what rarely happens in my life: I was speechless, because Petra said: What a pity! I have your horse!
“What? What do you have?”
And indeed: she had.

At the meadow, between the other foals, a young stallion was running around, looking at his size I would have thought it was a yearling rather than a foal. Hamlet is white with a bright red mane and a tail that has red spots all over. He is an absolute clown and a real daredevil. Both in appearance and in its essence one recognizes his father Levi (my favourite stallion). Great conformation and great movement.

Unfortunately, I have not noticed much of the rest of the course. I spent the day with Hamlet at the paddock. Then it was clear for me. However, I now had to make it clear to my husband that everything would go a bit different with his new horse...

I asked Petra to reserve Hamlet until the foal show, because I wanted to wait for the verdict. Hamlet behaved great and to my great joy he became second with a dream score. So then it was decided and announced Hamlet would move in with us. However, he urgently had to get a different name. I am a big Shakespeare fan, but I don’t like to name my horses after tragic hero’s. So he is now called Parceval and nothing is going to stop his “radiant” future.

Currently he is still living with the other young stallions at Gestüt Wolf and he is enjoying life. Whenever it is possible for me, I’m going to visit him and play with him. That is always the highlight of the week. Meanwhile, we also started a bit his education, because the little man is very precious and already questioned its limits. However, he is absolutely adorable, affectionate and cuddly and just the nonsense in his head is what I love so much about him. He is now a true Steiger Pony!! He has captured my heart by storm!

I would like to thank Petra and the whole team from at Curly-Gestüt Wolf that they are taking care of my little man so well and giving him such a great childhood! My special thanks go to Kim, from whom I know that she takes care of Purzel as if it were her own.

Dear Anna,

as a human being, breeder and horse-trainer, I am overjoyed that Parceval has you as his new mom. I’m really looking forward to keep track of your future together, because your loving, consistent and imaginative work that is highly characterized by a factor of “fun”, will make you happy and inspire us!

Enjoy the Curlys
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